Why Concrete Countertops Are Becoming So Popular Now

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There are tons of different counter top materials, like tile, granite, Formica, as well as wood, but the latest craze continues to be the popularity of concrete for countertops. It's very durable, might be stained in almost any color, and there are ways to embed other decorations as well. Let's examine many ways on getting concrete surfaces inside your kitchen.

Concrete Counter surfaces Aren't New

Using concrete for counter surfaces has been in use for hundreds of years in other countries, and are the main type of material in many Latin American countries, they're now getting more popular in the us. One of the reasons for their popularity is the wide range of interesting colors that they'll be stained with, they're able to match any decor that you've in mind. While they are a thing that some homeowners can do themselves, most people wind up hiring a professional in order to get just the right colors they desire. - concrete counters

Restaurants Are choosing Concrete Because Of It's Durability

In commercial applications one of many reasons they use concrete within their kitchens is because it's so heat resistant. They can set a hot pan directly off the stove on their counter-top and it won't hurt anything. They can also chop on it and it's very scratch resistant at the same time. Depending on how they have it colored, when they used dye inside the concrete itself the color goes all the way through, as well as a stained top has color actually soaked into the concrete so you do not have to worry about wearing the colour off with heavy commercial use. It's also sanitized using harsh bleach without damage so bacteria is not a problem either. - concrete counters

There are several Ways To Decorate Concrete Countertops

You can go wild with decorations when it comes to embedding things into the surface. Place ceramic tiles or components of tile into the top, or perhaps glass or mirrors. Some individuals enjoy putting a hand print with the names of everyone in the house, keeping in mind that it's nearly permanent and might last for 50+ years. There are many things you can do too, such as the use of brushes to give it a rough finish, or there are stamps you can buy to either stamp one spot, or cover your entire surface with stamped impressions. You should make up your mind ahead of time with a lot of of these types of decorations nevertheless there is only so much time prior to the concrete sets and becomes too difficult.

One Great Advantage Could be the Ability To Form Any Shape

When you visit buy a granite or slab for any counter top you are fairly limited in shapes. If you want a hexagon or perfect circle, your going to need to have it cut, or quit. With concrete you can have any shape that you could build a form for, the sun is the limit.

If you are just now exploring the installing of a counter top created from concrete, you can get thousands of ideas by searching the web for images. There you will notice all the different colors, styles and uses that other individuals have done, and you'll be surprised about the versatility as well.

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